Planet One Group

"For every one gram of rock, there is only one ten-millionth of a gram of tungsten"

Planet One Group specializes in the resourcing of tungsten deposits in Chile, as well as the processing and manufacturing of APT (Ammonium Paratungstate).  Planet One has discovered large high-value tungsten deposits in the Chilean Andes mountains chain and now is starting production in the very FIRST tungsten project in Chile. Furthermore, we have invested heavily in research and development to productize our tungsten ore into concentrate WO3 and high purity APT Ammonium Paratungstate.
Our objective is to become an alternative APT supplier to European and American tungsten refineries with the commitment to delivering consistent quality and quantity on a timely basis.


The rare, silvery white element named tungsten (W) is a metal of superlatives. Its melting point is the highest of any pure metal. Its boiling point approaches surface temperatures of the sun. Its tensile strength is the highest of any metal under extreme temperatures. And its coefficient of thermal expansion is the lowest of any metal (meaning, it undergoes minimal expansion when heated).
Why such extraordinary properties? The answer lies in what is called electron bonding. Each tungsten atom has 74 electrons encircling its densely packed core. Four of these electrons, given the catchy name of 5d, form a powerful bond with other 5d electrons in nearby tungsten atoms. Thus, it takes tremendous thermal energy to separate the atoms and turn solid tungsten into molten metal.